9 Reasons to Foster a Dog or Cat in Your Home

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Thinking of fostering a pet in your home? It can be an incredible experience that leaves both you and your new furry friend feeling happy and loved! Here are just nine of the best reasons why fostering is a great idea.


1.  It saves lives.

It’s a frustrating fact: there are more pets who need care than there are beds in shelters for them to stay until they’re adopted. Fostering means that these animals have a safe, loving place to live temporarily without the threat of what happens when there’s no more space.


2.  It is rewarding.

Is there anything that feels as wonderful as the unconditional love of a pet? When you foster an animal in your home, you get the joy of spending time with them, whether it’s a long stay or just a short one. Plus, it’s a great feeling to know that you’re truly making a difference in these animals’ lives.


3.  It’s a temporary situation for people not ready to adopt

So you’d like to have a pet in your life, but for one reason or another, you’re not quite ready to adopt. Fostering gives you the opportunity to enjoy having a pet and see what it’s like to take care of one.


4.  It teaches animals social skills, which increases the odds of them getting adopted.

Did you know that animals have social skills too? When you foster, you’re giving these animals a chance to acclimate to being around different kinds of humans and even other animals. Animals with better social skills are more likely to get adopted quickly, so the time you spend fostering them helps them get ready to find a forever home.


5.  It provides companionship for your own pets.

If you have other pets, fostering can give them a chance to have a fun “playdate” for a few weeks. Many animals enjoy having new friends to play with, so it can be a win-win for all the animals involved.


6.  You have the chance to see if you would like another pet in your household.

Considering adding a pet to your family but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right time? Fostering can give you the chance to see what life might be like with another furry pal. Plus, it’s all short-term, so even if the answer is no, there are no long-term questions or consequences.


7.  Shelters are overwhelmed and fostering can help alleviate that burden.

Shelters are often overcrowded and under equipped for the volume of pets that need a helping hand. By fostering, you’re getting animals out of these facilities, giving them a safe and happy in-between home and helping to alleviate the heavy load placed on shelters that are inundated with surrenders, strays, and pets from truly heartbreaking situations.


8. Major expenses, like medical expenses, are covered.

Caring for a pet can be expensive, which is often a factor when deciding whether or not to adopt. Fortunately, if you’re fostering an animal, Angels Rescue will cover major expenses, such as medical care while staying with you. It’s a great perk that removes one of the major barriers to fostering.


9.  You choose the type of dog or cat that works best for your home.

It’s up to you to choose what kind of dog or cat you want to foster and what types of situations are okay for you. Whether you specifically want to foster a certain age or breed, or you’re looking for a specific duration of a time commitment, there are options for every household.


Fostering a pet can be a rewarding and emotional experience. It’s only temporary, but when you say goodbye, it is a happy ending and you’ve made some wonderful memories!




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