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"Rescue One Until There Are None"

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue (Angels Rescue) was founded in February 2009 by a small group of individuals committed to saving the growing numbers of unwanted, abandoned, abused, and stray dogs and cats in animal control facilities and other at-risk situations across Georgia. With the help of donors, fosters, and other volunteers, in just ten years, this organization has saved the lives of over 20,000 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. Our efforts are funded by tax-deductible contributions from compassionate people and organizations who care.

The mission of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is to “Rescue One Until There Are None,” and dog by dog, and cat by cat, we strive to live this philosophy every day. To achieve the ultimate goal of our mission, we focus on:

(1) saving as many animals as we can from shelters and through owner surrenders, seeing each animal through every step of the process from the actual rescue freedom ride to the loving foster home and ultimately to the “forever” home they were meant to have.

 (2) raising awareness to educate the public on the plight of animals that have found themselves in Georgia’s shelters or have suffered neglect or abuse in order to underscore the responsibilities of pet ownership and to advocate to be the voices of these animals, some of whom have suffered unimaginable cruelty and abuse.

Our Founders

LuAnn Farrell was volunteering with the local humane society when she realized that more animals were in need than there was help available. Resolved to do more, she began saving dogs from local shelters and co-founded Angels Among Us Pet Rescue with Valerie Addington and Mark Weinberg.

Valerie Addington is a dedicated dog lover and has worked tirelessly with LuAnn to help dogs in need since 2009. Valerie’s dedication has helped Angels Among Us Pet Rescue thrive and grow. 

LuAnn, Valerie and Mark have served on the Angel’s Rescue Board of Directors.

LuAnn has two Angel dogs of her own, Cole and Chloe, and Valerie is mom to Angel, Sydney. Both continue to provide guidance and support for Angels Rescue.

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