Giving Societies

The following giving societies have been established to recognize generous donations provided by angel supporters from around the world. These contributions are appreciated tremendously and enable us to rescue dogs and cats from kill shelters throughout the state of Georgia, where hundreds animals are euthanized daily. Each giving society reflects cumulative annual giving. Examples of what angels can accomplish with your support are outlined below each giving society. Names have been carefully chosen to reflect just some of the breeds we rescue; both large and small dogs, as well as cats and kittens.

As a registered 501 (c) 3 charity, all donations to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue are tax-deductible. As of July 2017, more than 13,000 animals have been saved. Every donation helps AAUPR march forward on our mission to “Rescue One Until There are None.” Donors will be recognized in our annual report, as well as during our signature fundraising events throughout the year. Thank you!

The Chihuahua ($500)

Total annual giving of $500 enables Angels Among Us Pet Rescue to save TWO adult dogs whose lives are in jeopardy as they sit in kill shelters throughout the greater-Atlanta area. A donation of this size enables AAUPR to pull, transport, fully vet (including vaccinations, bath, spay/neuter, medications to recover from conditions such as kennel cough, etc.), and re-home the animals into qualified, loving, forever homes.

The Shih Tzu ($1,000)

A donation of $1,000 allows AAUPR to save a pregnant dog and her entire litter of puppies. Many pregnant dogs are dumped at kill shelters, and we do our very best to help as many as possible. A gift of this size enables us to save an expectant mom, get her proper vetting, and put her into a qualified and approved foster home that is familiar with the birthing process. These experienced “puppy fosters” are volunteers who support the mom as she gives birth, as well as after the birthing process. A $1,000 gift will ensure all vetting needs are handled for the entire family, including a spay for the mom when she is medically cleared.

The Labrador Retriever ($2,500)

Next to expectant moms, senior dogs are often the most frequently-dumped animals who find themselves on death row at animal control facilities. Many have hope in their eyes but their age and corresponding health issues put them at the top of the euthanasia list. A gift of $2,500 will enable AAUPR to save the lives of THREE at-risk “senior” dogs, provide them with all proper vetting needs (including vaccinations), offer a bath/groom, and issue any respite care they may require. Many seniors come into our program with conditions such as Cushing’s Disease, thyroid disorders, or incontinence. All are treatable, but many are costly. We also offer respite care to terminally-ill animals and will do everything possible to ensure our seniors are comfortable and can pass away with dignity instead of fear which is so common in a shelter environment. Contributions at this level enable Angels to provide all necessary medical care, as well as a loving and stable home environment where these special dogs can live out their golden years in peace, happiness and enveloped by love.

The German Shepherd ($5,000)

A gift of $5,000 will enable AAUPR to save the life of an animal that requires extensive surgical care and post-surgical rehabilitation and recovery. Many of these animals are the victims of hit and run car accidents and are left on the side of the road to die, unless picked up by animal control first. Injured animals are generally labeled “rescue-only” in shelters and can be euthanized within moments of intake without a rescue that can absorb sizeable surgical fees. Many animals make full recoveries and can go on to live long and happy lives. A gift of approximately $5,000 will help AAUPR save one dog who has sustained sizeable injuries and who needs emergency care, surgical care, hospital stay, medications, and extensive rehabilitation and therapy.

The Great Dane ($10,000)

Dog fighting rings, puppy mills, and animal hoarding cases continue to plague the South East region and many dogs die unnecessarily in these horrid environments. When possible, AAUPR would like to help as many of these animals as possible. Recently, we pulled more than two dozen dogs from a massive hoarding case, and provided critical medical and behavioral intervention to the dogs to help them on their journey to wellness. Often, animals pulled from these environments are scarred both emotionally and physically but, over time, they can overcome their hurdles and will go on to live happy, healthy and vibrant lives in forever homes. A gift of $10,000 enables AAUPR to intervene in some of the most emotionally-complicated scenarios possible, pulling animals from a chilling past and helping them on their journey towards an amazing, balanced and loving future.

The Cat’s Meow (Recognizing Donations from Children and Teenagers)

This special giving society was created to honor donations from children who support Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. This next generation of “rescuers” offers strong support to our mission, and we remain humbled by their generous contributions. Any child who coordinates a fundraiser, or who personally donates to support Angels Among Us, not only sets an excellent example for selfless giving, but also makes a profound impact on our ability to help save cats and dogs. To honor their commitment to rescue, ‘The Cat’s Meow’ was established just for them.

The Halo Society (Making a Planned Gift to AAUPR)

The Halo Society recognizes any donor that establishes a planned gift to benefit AAUPR. Examples include listing AAUPR as a beneficiary in your will, creating a gift annuity, issuing gifts of stocks, bonds, real estate or other appreciated assets, etc.

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