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Fostering an animal means taking in and caring for a pet on a temporary basis, while the pet is waiting to be adopted. This includes daily care (feeding, socializing, exercising) and plenty of love! Fosters also attend adoption events. There are several different foster situations and types of fosters, with placements ranging from a few days to several months.

Fostering to Fit

Types of Fosters Needed

Your Help Matters!

Important Fostering Information

Your Help Matters!

The process starts when you apply and are accepted as a foster. Please note: there are separate applications to foster dogs and cats. Then, a volunteer will contact you to review your application.

Once you are accepted, you will be offered opportunities to foster animals that fit with your situation.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue covers all vet care and flea and heartworm preventatives for our foster animals.  We provide supplies to get you started.

We understand that foster parents may have vacation or work travel that overlap with foster placements. Angels Pet Rescue has a team to assist when needed, so you won’t have to worry about your foster pet’s care. To learn more, contact us.

The goal of fostering is to provide a temporary loving home, with the goal of adopting out foster dogs or cats–and then help another animal in need. However, fosters are allowed to adopt their foster pets. If you foster, fall in love, and want to adopt, please let us know right away so other adoption applicants are not disappointed. If you are looking for a pet and truly wish to adopt, please fill out an adoption form instead of a foster form.

You have two weeks after adoption to be sure the dog or cat is a good fit for your home, and during that time period, you can request a full refund for fees.

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