Fostering 101

Aside from regular day-to-day care (feeding, grooming and exercise), the responsibilities of a foster home may include:

  • Basic training (housetraining, walking on leash, sit, down)
  • Behavior modification (to correct problems such as jumping, mouthing, barking, destructive chewing and dashing through doors)
  • Socialization and temperament evaluation (to determine whether the dog is good with different types of people and other animals)
  • Typically there are four adoption events per month. We ask that you participate in at least two events per month.
  • Please provide two weeks’ notice if you are planning on being out of town. If you could make temporary arrangements with a friend/relative to look after your foster that would be ideal. Our fosters are limited and many are looking after their own fosters.
  • Patience, patience, patience. Your foster is coming into a new environment; they may be anxious or excited. Accidents may happen, please be patient with your foster.
  • Plenty of playtime and snuggling!
  • Medical care (dispensing medication, taking the dog to vet appointments)
  • We have discount arrangements with Preferred Veterinary Clinics conveniently located throughout the metro Atlanta area. In the event you need to take your foster to a vet, please email with your name, the name of your foster, your phone number, symptoms or services required, and the approved vet nearest you. We will make an appointment for you.
  • Interview prospective adopters and deliver your foster pet to an approved adopter to ensure the home environment will be a good fit for your foster pet. We want to give our foster pets the very best chance for a long and happy life with the forever family that we choose for them.

You’ve decided to foster a pet, now what?

  • Please do not change the name or the spelling of your pet’s name! In order for everyone to keep up with who is who, we need be consistent with this information.
  • Please protect your foster- Absolutely No Dog parks, and please always keep on leash when out of a fence.
  • Please email a short bio (include everything you know about your foster, do they like kids, cats, dogs, men, women, balls? House trained? Any cute quirks that make them stand out) plus 3 pictures of your new foster pet to: All fosters need to be added to petfinder as soon as possible so that they can have maximum exposure and find their forever home more quickly.
  • Adoption events are the best avenue to finding a forever home for your foster pet. Adoption locations are listed under the Events button on our Face Book page:, and our Angels Among Us web site: Please join and sign up for events and post pictures early so your dog will make the adoption flyer.
  • Please make sure you pick up HW preventative monthly and (Flea preventative- if needed) at one of the adoption events. Also please pick up a metal AAU tag for your dog’s collar at one of the event locations. If for some reason your dog is not ready for events you may email to get these products and the AAU tag.
  • If you are given a microchip tag and/or rabies tag with your foster please email the information to: Also please mail microchip and/or rabies tag to the AAU PO Box listed at the bottom of this email.
  • When your dog is cleared to attend adoptions it is required that they attend. Please help him/her find their forever home. If you can not get your dog to adoptions, please email as soon as possible to arrange transport and handler.
  • Please join our Foster’s FB page: If you have specific questions please ask us directly, not on the FB page. We want to keep as much drama out of this page as possible.
  • If you need a Temporary foster for your Angels Among Us foster please, email as soon as possible (at least 3 weeks in advance) with your foster’s details. You will need to provide the temp foster with everything your foster requires – crate, food, collar, tags, leash etc.
  • If you get an email or phone call from a potential adopter please give them a brief run down on your foster dog, and ask them to complete an AAU Adoption Application: After they meet your dog and fall in love with him/her they will also need to complete an Adoption Contract and pay the adoption fee (Please email The Adoption Team: for the correct fee for your foster). They will also have to have a home check before they will be allowed to adopt. Please make sure these 3 things are done before any AAU dog leaves your care.

    1. Adoption contract:
    2. Payment- either by check or pay pal receipt (when paying online: they just need to go to donate on the AAU web site).
    3. Home check either performed by you or the adopt team (the adopt team will be happy to answer any questions here is our AAU adoption Home Check Report Link:

  • If this is an off-site adoption please email the adoption contract and the pay pal receipt to and mail the check to the PO box listed below.
  • If your foster is adopted please email so your foster is taken off of our available dog list.
  • If your foster goes to another foster for any reason please email and