It’s True – Volunteering Really Can Make You Happier

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If you’ve spent any time volunteering, you’ve probably already suspected this for a while, but now there’s scientific proof: volunteering really does make us happier!


In a study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, researchers found a positive relationship between well-being and volunteering. Not only does volunteering correspond with a higher level of overall health and wellness, but it also corresponds with a positive change in well-being. In other words, volunteering is good for you: mind, body, and soul!


The study does take into account certain potential biases, such as the possibility that people who volunteer may be more likely to be happier already due to other factors (income level, amount of leisure time, etc.). Even when those factors are taken into account, the study found that volunteering does have a positive impact on three general areas of health that were surveyed: mental health, self-rated health, and overall life satisfaction.


Plus, more frequent volunteering was found to have even more of a positive impact. The study found that volunteering at least once weekly is approximately twice as beneficial as volunteering several times a year. People who reported volunteering once a year or less did not show a major bump in life satisfaction, but even that level of volunteering still correlated with better self-rated health.


There are as many different kinds of volunteering as there are volunteers – there’s something out there that would be a great fit for you! At Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, our volunteers assist with several important projects:


  • Transporting animals from shelters and rescue locations to vet offices or foster homes.
  • Using creative talents like photography, filmmaking, graphic design, writing, and more to support our work
  • Doing general administrative tasks – even while working from home!
  • Helping out with various needs at events
  • Fostering dogs and cats for short and long-term situations while they wait to find their forever homes


Volunteers are the heart and soul of any organization. It’s a win-win for everyone involved: your time and talents go towards helping a great cause, and you get tangible benefits towards your health and happiness.


Thinking of becoming a volunteer? Find out more about volunteering for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue here.

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