Keep your dog safe in the car

dog car seat

Dog seat belts or car seats are a great idea when traveling with your dog. Even for short distances. r executive director, Kim, shares a story as a reminder that all pet owners should take the time to read.

TW: dog death
I will never forget the day that some friends & I saw a traffic accident and we stopped to help. There was a lady with a deceased chihuahua in her lap. She was sobbing & trying to get it to drink from her water bottle. It was a pretty traumatic scene.
The dog had been in her lap in the front passenger seat. No one else was injured and the car wasn’t terribly damaged but the impact released the airbag and the little dog was killed instantly.
It’s recommended that children under 12 sit in the back because of the airbags and it’s equally a risk to pets. I think about that lady and her dog every time I see a dog riding in the front seat.
My dogs sit in their carseats in the back. If I stop the car somewhere, my dog, Harriet sometimes comes up front to give me kisses but when I say “We’re going, get in your seat,” she does.
But don’t forget the child locks on the windows. Yes, Harriet and her foster brother rolled down the back window on the interstate as I was driving and couldn’t immediately stop and I almost had a heart attack. Lesson learned.
And it goes without saying, but unfortunately so many people are still unaware, dogs should never be left in cars. Even with the windows open, cars get really hot, really quickly, hotter than the outside temperature.
Some dogs love to hop in the car for a joy ride. But keeping them safe is our responsibility as pet parents.
  1. 1. Use the child locks on your windows.
  2. 2. Sit your dog in the back seat.
  3. 3. Use a car seat to have a specific spot your dog knows they’ll sit in the car.
  4. 4. Use a seat belt attached to a harness, not their collar.
  5. 5. Never, ever leave your pets in a car that’s not running. Not even with the windows down. Not even for “just a minute.”
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