Paid Life Insurance Policies or Retirement Accounts to Benefit Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

The gift of a funded life insurance policy or retirement account may enable you to turn a moderate monthly premium into a substantial gift to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. To do so, please name Angels Among Us Pet Rescue as the beneficiary of your paid life insurance policy, 401(k), IRA, TSA or other retirement account, you can make a substantial future gift to benefit our rescue pets.

To proceed, simply contact the company that holds these policies or accounts for you, ask for a beneficiary form, and update it to reflect AAUPR as the primary or contingent beneficiary. You may leave all or part of these policies or accounts to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.  Note that, as a direct distribution at your passing, funds from retirement accounts will not be subject to estate tax or to income tax, making the entire balance benefit Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

For more information on how you can help Angels Among Us Pet Rescue march forward on our mission to “Rescue One Until There are None” by providing a planned gift, please email Thank you!