Shelley Mac

FOSTERING - Fostering an animal means taking in and caring for a pet on a temporary basis, while the pet is waiting to be adopted.

Are you looking to adopt? If what you’re searching for is a personable, healthy, happy and playful dog… search no more! ShelleyMac is the perfect match for you!


ShelleyMac is an intelligent, trusting, and loving 9-year old Labrador/Pittie mix, (8/26/12) who is SOOO full of life, love, excitement, and curiosity. You will quickly see that ShellyMac has an extremely sweet and happy disposition, and she has a constant smile on her face to prove it. Shelley would like to be an only child, no other pets, or children in the house as she wants you all to herself!


ShelleyMac has excellent house manners, is crate trained, but doesn’t really need to be crated. She answers to commands like come, sit, and stay, and barks only at appropriate times (such as when someone is at the door).


ShelleyMac LOVES playing fetch, riding in the car, getting hugged, kissed and cuddled!


It’s completely amazing that her big heart fits in her small body! If you decide to adopt ShelleyMac, you will consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky!! She’s definitely a keeper!!


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Some Details


Labrador Retriever & Pit Bull Terrier Mix








Vaccinations up to date


without other dogs, cats, children
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