The Paw-sitive Way to Gift: 5 Reasons to Reconsider Pets as Christmas Presents 

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As the holiday season rolls around, the idea of surprising a loved one 

with a furry friend might seem like the ultimate heartwarming gift. But before you wrap up a pup or kitten, let’s chat about why giving pets for Christmas might not be as jolly as it sounds.

  1. **Fur-real Compati-bility:**
    Pets, just like people, have their own personalities and needs. Surprise-picking a pet might not take into consideration if they’re a match for the recipient’s lifestyle. Different furballs have different quirks, and choosing the wrong one could turn the holidays into a bit of a cat-astrophe.
  2. **More Than a Holiday Fling:**
    Pets are not one-season wonders; they’re a lifetime commitment. Dogs, cats, and others are in it for the long haul, needing care, attention, and a bit of a financial cushion. Committing to a pet is like starting a long and beautiful friendship, not just a short-term holiday fling.
  3. **Holiday Havoc for Fluffballs:**
    The festive season can be pretty hectic with all the twinkling lights and family gatherings. Adding a new pet to the mix might not be the calm and cozy introduction they need. Pets like a little peace and quiet to settle into their new homes, and the holiday hustle might not be their cup of tea.
  4. **A Sack Full of Expenses:**
    Pets can be a bit of a money muncher with their food, vet bills, and fancy toys. Gifting a pet without considering the costs might be like handing someone a surprise bill for Christmas. It’s good to make sure the person receiving the pet is ready for the expenses that come with the furry package.
  5. **Choosing Wisely over Surprise-ly:**
    Getting a pet is a decision that should come after some thought, not as a surprise under the Christmas tree. Pets need the right setup for a happy life, and choosing one should be like picking a forever friend. It’s much better to involve the future pet owner in the decision-making to make sure everyone’s on board.

While the thought of giving a pet for Christmas is sweet, let’s make sure it’s a happy tale for everyone involved. Instead of surprising your loved ones with a furry friend, consider more paws-itively responsible alternatives like gift certificates to local rescues or pet supplies. Because the best gifts are the ones that bring joy without any hidden claws! 


Surprise your family or loved ones with the experience not the pet. Involve the whole family in the process of picking the pet out but still surprise them in a creative way. Let them know that the journey to find that special new family member is about to begin!

  1. **Puzzle or Game**
    Imagine a cozy night with the family, gathered around a puzzle or game. As you piece everything together, a heartwarming photo or message appears, unveiling the surprise! Whether it’s a homemade puzzle that shows a message or a game like charades or 21 questions with a pet adoption theme. 
  2. **Scavenger Hunt:**
    Turn the big reveal into a scavenger hunt! Follow clues or solve riddles that lead your family on an exciting journey, each clue dropping hints about the upcoming adoption adventure. The treasure at the end? Pet Supplies and a note letting everyone know that you’re ready to adopt that new furry family member
  3. **Home Sweet Adoption Haven:**
    Transform your home into a mini pet adoption center! Practice choosing a pet and adopting it, and learning how to care for it. Discuss together what kind of pet would be the perfect fit. You can make it as silly as you want? Want to adopt a llama? A penguin? Or even a unicorn? Go for it! You’ll soon be ready to start looking for the real thing!
  4. **Pet Promise Certificates:**
    Picture this – a set of charming certificates for each family member that announces a huge surprise. You’re ready to start looking for a pet to adopt. You can write on the back of the certificate and fill it with promises and commitments to your soon to be pet. Include details like preferred pet traits, shared responsibilities, and even a drawing of what you think your future furry friend may look like. 

Every pet deserves a loving home and to have that, they must be set up for success.  Include everyone who will have the responsibility and the fun of your new pet in the selection process. Then when you bring your new best friend home for the holidays, you’ll know it’s a Happily Ever After for everyone. 

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